Thursday, November 21, 2019

Multi-generational Awareness Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Multi-generational Awareness - Coursework Example If the department implements the program using different learning styles, and teaching everyone from the generations in a different learning style, this will be more effective. In planning to get assistance from a generation, generation Y is probably the most effective to receive help form. Generation Y will be intuitive, and ask questions. Generation X will take charge of the learning yes, however, Generation X is so independent that Generation X may not be able to teach the other generations about the importance of the new program. Generation Y will work slowly and accurately with the remaining generations, and be able to teach the remaining generations all about the program. Generation Y will be able to offer better assistance because generation Y will ask all the questions necessary during the training, and the trainer will know that generation Y is grasping the whole concept of the training. This will affect the training, and culture of the unit because each generation is differ ent. However, the generations have never clashed in the unit. The new training should not cause any problems if implemented correctly if the trainer is aware of all the differences in the generations. This should not affect the training, and the unit as a whole.

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